My day in Dierenrijk Nuenen

26.9.2023 by Ralph Morton

The last day of my Grand Tour in September to see Polar Bears in zoos was spent in Nuenen. I saw Hans had posted his photos in a story with Mervi, so I thought I could add some comments and pictures of my own.



Nuenen is a country park zoo in the very green Netherlands. It has two enclosures for Polar Bears with plenty of water and grass.



Frimas recently received a new partner Wilbaer. The helpful receptionist told me he had been visited by friends from Stuttgart. Surprisingly he thought Wilbaer had been with Frimas and she might have cubs. I suspect he got mixed up with Henk.



Both Polars were a long way from the viewing point but at eleven one of them got fed so children could get a keeper talk. I was able to get these shots.





Nuenen has a nice enclosure for brown bears. The honeypaws love the children and were already at the glass.



My shopping bag came in handy


I enjoyed my day at Nuenen which came about as a happy accident when my bus from Berlin took me to the nearby town of Eindhoven. Like many park zoos you need a car to get there but a taxi was a reasonable alternative though not cheap.


  1. Dear Ralph!

    In your photos we can see how big and green the polar bears’ enclosures are. Even the ‘lake’ is really big. No doubt Frimas and Wilbär have nice living conditions in this park.

    The honey paws are always an attraction in an animal park – so even here. Your shopping bag sure aroused their curiosity. 🙂

    Thank you so much for inviting the readers of this magazine to a nice zoo visit in Nuenen!

    Hugs from Mervi

  2. Dear Ralph!
    Thank you for your beary pictures from Nuenen!
    It’s a bit of a pity that the polar bears can only be seen up close at feeding time. But it’s good that they have such spacious enclosures.
    The brown bears, who come up to the pane because they are curious about their visitors, especially children, make up for it.

    All the best

  3. Dear Ralph,

    Thank you for the first of your reports from your tour of the bears in various zoos.

    As always, your bags on the window catch the attention of the curious brown bears. Frimas and Wilbär also look good and are obviously feeling well.

    Best greetings and wishes

  4. dear Ralph,
    you have seen lovely bears in the animal park in Nuenen, they are looking very good , Ilike both Polars and Brownbears, but of course it is a big joy to see Wilbaerle
    thank you for your report and for all the nice pictures
    dear greetings Filomena

  5. Dear Ralph

    Your photos show me a green zoo.

    Both bear enclosures are huge and green. I think seeing a polar bear resting in green grass is a wonderful color contrast.
    It’s cool to be able to observe brown bears so closely!

    Thank you for sharing your experiences in Nuenen.


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