Fans met Malik and her twins

17.9.2023 – Photos by Jeanette Johnsen

There has been a meeting in Aalborg with our friends Molly, Ralph, Jeanette and many Danish polar bear lovers. While we’re waiting for the personal reports I want to show you some photos taken by Jeanette.

It looks like Malik, Imaq and Inuk knew something special would take place this day.



I’m so excited – I wonder what’s going on.


I think this is mama Malik


Dear Sis, I think our keeper will assist the visitors with something yammy for us.


I can hear her steps followed by many other steps ….


Oh bear, they are here now. Let’s find out what they have for us!


The polar bear ladies were treated with big juicy melons.



After playing a little with them it was time to carry them to the ‘dinner table’ and eat them.



Can you see how elegantly I eat the melon? Please, feel free to give me a big hand!


The visitors were allowed an audience with the polar bears. Here are a couple of photos of Molly and Ralph feeding Malik, Imaq and Inuk.


Katrine Christensen is supervising when Ralph is busy feeding his white fluffy friends.


I guess we are all green of envy – but just pale green! 🙂 I’m sure we are happy for our friends having such a wonderful time in Aalborg.

I’m sure this is a moment Molly will never forget!


Bye-bye from Aalborg! Thank you dear friends for the treats!



  1. Dear Mervi!
    It looks like that Ralph, Mölln and Jeanette had a wonderful day with polar bears.

  2. Dear Mervi,

    How nice, a three-way meeting of Molly, Ralph and Jeanette!
    And Ralph gets to feed bears again.
    I guess there must have been some baksheesh for the zoo?

    Lovely photos, thank you and best wishes to all three zoo visitors!

    • I find the use of the word baksheesh offensive in so many ways. Our little group have been friends of the Zoo on Facebook (which of course you wont know as you dont use Facebook) over many years. A number of food treats approved by the zoo were brought by us for the occasion.

    • Jeanette, Susanne (who was also there) and I are admins for the polar bear facebook page for the Aalborg Zoo, and have had a close relationship with the staff for many many years. We brought food from a list from the keepers. Thank you to the zoo for allowing us to have this special day.

    • And of course the polar bear gathering was open to all who wanted to make the journey to Aalborg and be there on that day. Thank you to the zoo for making this great day possible. We had friends from Germany also come on that day.

  3. Dear Mervi!
    I’m so happy for Molly, Jeanette and Ralph that they had the opportunity to get so close to the polar bears and even feed them. That must have been a great experience.
    Thanks to Jeanette for these delightful pictures!


  4. Dear Mervi

    It’s always great when polar bear friends from all over the world meet.
    Feeding a polar bear and being close to it is something very special.
    Well, I do have some envy in me and of course I don’t begrudge them feeding the bears.
    Thanks for the cool pictures!!


  5. Oh, das war ja wohl ein Zoobesuch bei
    und eine Begegnung mit den Eisbären der ganz besonderen Art!!
    Wenn ich es richtig in Erinnerung habe,jährt sich heute der Todestag von Lars zum 5.Mal… Die FotogrĂĽĂźe von seiner Partnerin Malik und seinem Nachwuchs Imaq und Inuk passen sehr gut zu diesem Tag…

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