Sisu is looking forward to ‘ruska’

28.9.2023 – Photos by Pat Waldron, Collage by Mervi

Terve! Hello! Here I am again, your Sisu – maybe you have missed me? The Autumn is here and it’s my second most-favourite season because after it Winter will come!


Can you imagine – it’s been already snowing in my old home town Ranua? Of course, the snow will melt away but soon the ground will be permanently white – at least during the Winter!


It’s still very warm here. Actually too warm to my liking.


Let’s see if the water has a more suitable temperature for a polar bear.


Oh yeah, the water is always so refreshing.


I guess I have to explain to you what ‘ruska’ means.


‘Ruska’ is the Finnish word for the season when the leaves turn brown, yellow and red. The nature is glowing – especially in northern parts of Finland.

As you know I was born in Ranua so I had the opportunity to admire Mother Nature’s artistic skils. I want to show you a collage Mervi made a couple of years ago so you understand better what I mean.


I think we have to wait a little until we can see the Autumn colours here in Yorkshire …


… but I’m sure they will be magnificent!


I haven’t got so much more to tell you this time but as you know I’m doing fine and looking gorgeous. I hope you don’t mind my saying so myself! 🙂


Please, don’t say I’m fat. It would make me very upset and you don’t want me to be upset – that’s for sure!!


The wound has healed so it’s only my black skin you see on my back. Maybe the fur will grow during the Winter if we get some snow …. Rolling in the snow must be better for my fur than rolling in the mud … 🙂


Now it’s time for me to take a well deserved nap. Writing a newsletter can be quite exhausting even though Mervi helped me with the typing. Why on earth do they make the keys so small???



On behalf of my polar bear friends here in Yorkshire I wish you all a wonderful Autumn!


Dear Pat! Thank you so much for visiting me and my friends and for all the fantastic photos!


  1. Dear Pat and Mervi
    Thank you for Autumn greetings from Sisu. The leaves on the trees in the surrounding countryside will already have turned brown and the strong winds expected this week will blow them down.

  2. Hello Sisu,
    you are a beautiful bear and your figure has only a very thick and fluffy hairdo. With you we expect the colourful autumn – but unfortunately you will wait in vain for the snow as it was in large quantities in Ranua….

    Be glad that Mervi helps you with the PC keyboard, the one on the smartphone is much smaller.

    Thank you, dear Pat, for the beautiful photos of Sisu.
    I think the black spot on his back will remain his very personal identifying mark.
    Many greetings to all three of you!

  3. ..Freuen wir uns mit Sisu auf einen farbenfrohen Herbst und den ersten Schnee…🍂🍁❄🍁🍂❄🐻‍❄️🤗

  4. Dear Pat and dear Mervi!
    Not only Sisu, I think we are all looking forward to a bright autumn with colourful leaves and moderate temperatures….
    Sisu looks great and seems well prepared for the coming rest period in winter. He is a cool, handsome polar bear and enjoys his life. I am happy for him!
    The permanent black spot on his back does not detract from his beauty and is a unique feature.
    Thank you for the enjoyable photos of the beautiful Finn!


  5. Dear Pat and Mervi!
    It is great to see Sisu. He is a huge bear and he is good prepared for the winter.
    In the moment the leaves are still green. Maybe we will get the golden October.

  6. Dear Sisu
    No, you are not fat. You look good as a polar bear.
    The great pictures of Pat show me a wonderful magnificent polar bear man.
    Yes, you polar bears like autumn, because now it’s almost time and the temperatures are getting cold and if you’re lucky the landscape will be white. But, dear Sisu, not like in Finland.
    I wish you a well chilled autumn!

    Dear Pat
    Thank you for the wonderful pictures of a handsome polar bear man.
    I think you and Mervi have worked together successfully again and put nice words in Sisu’s mouth.

    Dear Mervi
    Many thanks to you too!


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