Raspi & Friida welcome the Fall

13.9.2023 – Photos by Imbi Taniel

For us living in the northern parts of Europe September means the start of the Fall. The weather is still quite warm but the green leaves start changing their colour to a symphony of yellow, red and brown.

Raspi likes to swim in his pool ….



… but maybe he’s already dreaming of some ice in the water. 🙂


All seasons have their charm but for the polar bears the Winter is the absolute favourite.


I’m smelling the Fall!


Friida prefers to stay on the ‘shore’ but I’m sure she’s also welcoming the new season.


I love the Fall because it means that Winter with snow and ice is around the corner! 🙂


Now we just have to wait for the white season and enjoy the colourful Fall.


Raspi has a wonderfully white fur and his face is simply adorable!



Friida and I wish all the readers of this magazine a very pleasant Fall. Mother Nature will soon paint the trees in most fantasticl colours – enjoy the sight of them!


Welcome Fall!



  1. Dear Imbi

    Of course, polar bears welcome autumn. You know winter is not far away 😂

    Rasputin is paddling in the water and looks simply adorable 💖
    I am happy about the wonderful pictures and the wishes from Tallin.

    Thank you!
    Have a nice autumn too!


  2. Dear Imbi & Mervi,

    Raspi and Friida look great and I can understand their longing for autumn and snow after the long lasting heat!

    Thank you for the beautiful photos and the text with kind regards

  3. Das sind ja eisbärenstarke Fotogrüße von Rasputin und Friida, in der Vorfreude auf den nahenden Herbst, denn dann ist der Winter nicht mehr weit….🍁🍂🐻‍❄️🐻‍❄️❄❄😊🤗

  4. Dear Imbi, dear Mervi!
    I am delighted to see the latest wonderful photos of Friida and Raspi in Tallinn. While Friida stays in the background in camouflage, Raspi shows himself in all his beauty. The pictures of him in the pool are great and I especially like them.
    The summer was long, hot and exhausting and autumn with its colours and cooler temperatures is highly welcome for both four-legged and two-legged friends.


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