A greenish day in Novosibirsk

24.9.2023 – Photos by Anna Novikova and Arkadi Laptenko

Hello again! Today we will show you some new kind of enrichment. OK, in this photo the enrichment has been treated by us and mama Gerda but, please, see the photos below!


This is what we found in the water this morning.

The branch with green leaves was an excellent swimming partner. 🙂


I brought it closer to mama and my sister.


Later on we carried the branch to the stairs.


Upsy Daisy! We want to get you on the top of the stairs!



We didn’t know exactly what to do with the branch ….


…. but we cleaned it by tearing off the leaves.


Hmm, it doesn’t look so nice anymore but we can still have fun with it!



Maybe our enclosure isn’t optimal but our keepers certainly do their best to keep us entertained and happy!


Even during the Summer season we have always snow! And almost every day we get nice surprises. – And now we don’t have to wait so long until the first snow flakes will dance in the air. At least we hope so!


Thank you so much, dear keepers!


We also thank you for watching! See you again soon!


Time to jump into new experiences!



  1. The family are a delight to watch as always. Russian bred Polars seem bigger and fluffier despite the hardships they face.

  2. Diese Drei MUSS man einfach besonders lieben! 💓💓💓😍 Kai natürlich mit eingeschlossen. 💓😘

    Liebe Grüße von Brigitte

  3. Dear Arkadi, dear Mervi!
    “Maybe our enclosure isn’t optimal but our keepers certainly do their best to keep us entertained and happy!”
    I’ll sign that right away! Apart from that, they seem to succeed excellently… The twins are adorable, fun-loving and healthy. The photos are wonderful and pure joy.
    Thank you!


  4. Dear Mervi,
    Those girls know how to have fun, and that branch is a wonderful toy. Such cute conversations they have. They are busy, busy, busy. A good thing for Gerda that they know how to play with each other so well.


  5. Dear Anna und Arkadi!

    Gerda’s twins grow and grow and they are up for any fun.
    A branch is a fine thing to play with. Of course, the leaves have to be taken off first, because only then can you play with the branch
    Thank you for the enchanting update.
    The last picture and the signature to it ( time for new experiences) is a wonderful metaphor for us all.

    Thank you for your delightful pictures!

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