Gerda presented her twin cubbies

12.3.2023 – Source: The Novosibirsk Zoo

There are not so many newborn polar bears in zoos this season but at least in Toledo and in Nobosibirsk there are baby twins. I have already published photos of Crystal’s cubbies and after ‘negotiations’ with my editorial staff I also publish photos of Gerda’s twins.

Gerda  took her cubs out for the first time. Can you imagine that these little creatures will grow to mighty polar bears?


Gerda is keeping an eye on everything making sure her cubbies are safe.


No need to be afraid – mama’s here.


The babies were born in December and they’ve been in the den with their mama until now. On Friday, March 10, Gerda decided to take her tiny twins out for the first time.


The kids seem to love the snow and were already enjoying it in many ways.


I think this photo shows how tiny the babies still are.



A safe place when the enclosure feels too big.


Snow on the noses – the special polar bear make-up.


This is proud papa Kai



  1. May be that’s a good sign – and a THANK YOU to you, dear Mervi and your mentioned ‘editorial staff’ for having published “The Novosibirsk Zoo”‘s touching pics of Mama GERDA with her cubs
    and even of Papa KAI! :

    . . . .Today, on a sunny Sunday, I was able to enter ‘KM’
    . . . . without the usual necessity of the requested patience 🙂

    – – – –

    The last 4 pics of Mama with cubs are especially lovely
    and the one with the cubbies behind Mama GERDA’s mighty paw
    is as impressive as double-‘awwwww . . .’

    – – –

    Hopefully there will be “NO need to be afraid”, not for GERDA and her sweet babies or Papa KAI nor for their most probably completely innocent (as the four are!) keepers and future visitors.

    • Mervi You are righr to publish pictures of Gerda and her new cubs. Whatever the politics zoos are international treasures and we can be glad for the animals in their care.

  2. Es ist immer wieder das Gleiche,man kriegt sich schlecht ein bei so viel Niedlichkeit! 😍
    Die allerbesten Wünsche von Herzen für die kleine Familie! 💓

    Liebe Grüße von Brigitte.

  3. Dear Mervi

    So Gerda got twins again. Are the last two bears still in the Novosibirsk zoo?
    The two cubs are of course absolutely adorable.
    It is always fascinating how small the 3-month-old bears are.
    Thanks for the interesting info and the cute pictures.
    All the best to Gerda and her two Cuteties.


  4. Dear Mervi!
    Thank you for the update from Novosibirsk!
    Gerda’s two little bears are, like all the minis, sweet as sugar and the parents both look great.
    I am also very happy to see a new photo of Kai.
    Of course I wish the little ones all the luck in the world, but like Anita I would still love to know what happened to the last cubs. It would be nice to hear something about it.
    If they still haven’t found a good new home and continue to live behind the scenes, I wonder why they continue to breed there?


  5. Dear Mervi,

    I ask myself the same questions as Anke about the whereabouts of Gerda’s previous zillings. But now I enjoy the sight of the two new babies, whose charm you just can not resist.

    All the best for the little ones!

  6. Mervi, I hardly dare to imagine their tiny enclosure, if that of the parents already consists only of a narrow strip in front of the pool and a large rock wall and that in public.
    Honestly, however, one must also say that at that time the nursery in Rostock was similarly small….

  7. Dear Mervi!
    The twins are sweet. Gerda is a good mother.
    I think Shauna and Nordi are still in the zoo Novosibirsk. The situation is not nice.

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