Flocke – the power lady

8.3.2023 – Photos by Sheila and Philip Baker

International Women’s Day (March 8) is a global day celebrating the social, economic, cultural, and political achievements of women. In this magazine we will dedicate this day to all polar bear ladies.

I think Flocke is a perfect representative for our white and fluffy lady friends.


Flocke was hand raised by the keepers in Nuremberg but she’s as ‘polar bearish’ as any other female polar bear raised by mama. She gave birth to Hope and proved to be an excellent mother.

Later she and Raspi had THREE cubs and once again Flocke showed everybody what a wonderfully caring mother she is.

Flocke has raised her kids with a firm paw but also with lots of love.


Moving to another zoo/animal park can be an exhausting and even traumatic experience. When the family had to leave Antibes Flocke managed to take care of Indie, Yuma and Tala in a very good way and make them feel home in the Yorkshire wildlife Park.

A family meeting by the ‘sea side’


Tala is still living with her mother and follows her paw steps.


Tala is a real ‘power plant’ – just like her mother.


Tala aka Rasputina


Now that Indie and Yuma have moved to the big boys (Hamish, Luka, Nobby and Sisu) Flocke can have time for herself – especielly when Tala is a very independant polar bear girl who can entertain herself without company.


Eating a meal without being disturbed by three kids is a luxory! 🙂


I guess Flocke still keeps an eagle eye on her daughter. Mums are like mums are! 🙂


Of course, there are still many tender moments between Flocke and her daughter.


A kiss on mama’s nose


Maybe the ‘lazy time’ after raising three kids has made Flocke gain a lot of weight ….


… but as I always say – a polar bear lady must be white, fluffy and roundish! OK, we can also accept ‘off-white’ don’t you think? 🙂


On behalf of the readers of this magazine I wish all women – both two legged and four legged – a happy International Women’s Day!



  1. Dear Mervi,
    these wonderful photos show a mother bear who, although she herself was a hand-rearer, has raised her cubs in an exemplary manner and that even with a pair of triplets, which is really extremely rare.

    Flocke has indeed become a bit roundish now, but it suits her well. With this figure she reminds a bit of the pot-bellied bear Kati at Zoo Berlin.

    It is a delight and a great pleasure to look at this family idyll and it fits so well with today’s International Women’s Day.

    Thank you for the ray of hope, which has done me a lot of good, especially today, as my farewell to my previous home weighs heavily on my heart….

    Best regards

    PS. Fine, that at least here the comment function works, which is unfortunately not yet the case in the Knuipe.

    Liebe Mervi,
    diese wunderbaren Fotos zeigen eine Bärenmutter, die, obwohl sie selbst eine Handaufzucht war, vorbildlich ihre Jungtiere großgezogen hat und dass sogar bei einem Drillingspaar, was wirklich äußerst selten vorkommt.

    Flocke ist nun in der Tat etwas roundisch geworden, aber es steht ihr gut. Mit dieser Figur erinnert sieein bisschen an die Hängebaubärin Kati im Zoo Berlin.

    Es ist eine Wonne und ein großes Vergnügen dieses Familienidyll zu betrachten und es passt so recht zum heutigen International Women’s Day.

    Vielen Dank fĂĽr den Lichtblick, der mir besonders heute sehr gut getan hat, denn meine Abschiedsstimmung von meinem bisherigen Zuhause lastet mir sehr auf dem Herzen….

    Herzliche GrĂĽĂźe

    PS. Fein, dass wenigstenshier die Kommentarfunktion klappt, was leider in der Knuipe noch nicht der Fall ist.

  2. Dear Sheila, Philip and Mervi!
    I also immediately thought that Flocke has become quite (too) big and her belly reminds me very much of Kati’s, who I miss very much.
    Flocke really is a power bear lady who has shown all the sceptics about hand rearing. It’s great that she can continue to live with her daughter as there are so few suitable homes for all the young bears of the last few years.
    Thank you for the beautiful and expressive photos and the, as always, appropriate and lovely captions!


    Paw waves to you, Britta-Gudrun and all the best wishes!

  3. Dear Sheila, Philip and Mervi!
    Tnank you for the wonderful pictures of Flocke and her kids. I am very happy to know that our Flocke is doing well.

  4. Dear Sheila and dear Philip.

    Yes, Flocke has become a great bear and I think it’s good to use her as an example of a strong woman. Because that’s what she is.
    Flocke has 4 children and that although she is a hand-raised bear.
    I think Flocke looks like a strong, beautiful and self-confident bear.
    Thank you for the fine contribution to International Women’s Day!


  5. Thank you very much dear Mervi, Sheila and Philip.
    Best wishes to Flocke, Tala, Yuma, Indie, Hamish, Nobby, Sisu and Luka.

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