Harbour seals in Milwaukee

11.3.2023 by Michelle Rippey

It’s was a swirling, whirling Wednesday with a favorite family….the harbor seal family in the Milwaukee County Zoo. Sweet Leia (9 months of age) is the first girl for papa Ringo & mom Cossette’s first born. Watching them at the viewing window is a must, especially the mother/daughter play.

Here comes, Leia! She still comes to say hello.


Then it’s time for mother/daughter play which is most often initiated by Cossette (right)


I think Leia loves it! Leia’s on the bottom


Measuring up to mom….


Mom will always lift you up….


Seal smoooooch!


Even papa Ringo takes part in the action….

Ringo will be 45 this year. He was an orphaned wild born pup, so exact date of birth isn’t known. Ringo just might be the oldest seal in the world. He’s blind, but does really well & makes beautiful babies


The harbour seal family…..Ringo, Leia & Cossette


Handsome, Ringo relaxing after dinner

Handsome, Ringo relaxing after dinner

Leia and Cossette sometimes come very close to the glass

Leia & Cossette

Cossette sees a friend and ….

Cossette sees a friend and.....

…. Hello there, Cossette! The past several weeks I’ve seen a side of her that made me adore her even more!

Hello there, Cossette! The past several weeks I've seen a side of her that made me adore her even more

See you next time, Cossette!

See you next time, Cossette!

Dear Michelle! What a great pleasure it was for me to publish your wonderful article of your favourite seal family. Now Ringo, Leia and Cossette are my favourites, too! Thank you so much!


  1. Dear Michelle

    Thank you for your enchanting report.

    Mom and daughter are very enchanting.
    Enchanting as they play with each other.
    Enchanting Mama holding up her little one.
    Glad everyone is doing well.

    Of course, my best wishes also go to Mr. Papa.


  2. Dear Michelle and Mervi!
    This is really a charming family to love. I find the photos super and the captions show that these three have really touched the photographer’s heart.
    Cosette and her cute daughter Leia put on a wonderful show behind the glass and you can only love the blind chubby dad. I can very well understand that it is hard to tear oneself away there….
    Thank you very much for these beautiful impressions!


  3. Dear Michelle and Mervi!
    Thank you for the introducing the lovely harbour seal family to us. It is wonderful to watch the seals swimming under the water.

  4. Dear Michelle,

    these are adorable photos of the seal family, their touching tenderness is so delightful.

    Pet parents are each very devoted in their own way and this delights us in a very special way.

    Thank you very much and best regards

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