Golden Guys in Yorkshire

16.3.2023 – Photos by Sheila and Philip Baker

I guess you all remember the Golden Girls in Berlin. Now we have six Golden Guys in the Yorkshire Wildlife Park! This time the stars in the article are Indie, Yuma and Luka.

They really are golden in every meaning of the word!

This is Indie presenting his golden fur.


Luka, Indie and Yuma



Yuma and Luka having a discussion


Luka, I smell food – let’s go and find it!


Oh no, Indie found it first but Luka isn’t giving up so easily! 🙂


Of course, our Golden Guys can look very white, too. This is Indie.


This is a typical polar bear pose so Indie is already very ‘professional’. 🙂


Yuma is a gorgeous and happy polar bear boy. Just look at that cheerful expression on his face.


Yuma training shot put. Every trainer must be impressed! 🙂


Are the birds singing a lullaby for Yuma?


At least Yuma looks very sleepy now. 🙂


There hasn’t been so much snow in YWP this Winter but the bears have been able to feel a touch of frost anyway.


The ice cold water had just the right temperature!


The white barrel looks like a big piece of ice. Perfect for some throwing exercises.


Well, it can be used as a hat, too! 🙂


Indie thanks you for watching and promises that the Golden Guys will be back soon.


Dear Sheila and Philip! Thank you so much for all these fantastic photos of our beloved bear boys.


  1. Dear Sheila, Philip and Mervi
    Thank you for these photos and story about Indie and Yuma sharing with Luka. Flocke’s boys have really livened up Project Polar I hope to see them next Monday to Wednesday

  2. Dear Sheila and Philip Baker, you have succeeded in presenting a row of most beautiful photographs of polar bears giving evidence of their capacity to present themselves as elegant as lovable. . . Such nice postures. . . Perfect using of the sun light to get impressive pics.

    And everything crowned by Mervi’s captions:
    You found again a suitable comparison between the former unique ‘group of ripe polar bear ladies’ in Berlin and the actual ‘group of rather young polar bear boys’ in the YWP at Doncaster, naming them “Golden Girls” (thinking rather of age and beauty) AND “Golden Guys” (thinking rather of youth and beauty, underlined by this perfect sun light!).

    Thanks to every-body/-bear involved in this publication.

  3. Dear Sheila and Philip!
    Thank you for these great pictures of the boys’ shared home in Yorkshire. It’s fantastic that the bears are getting on so well together. It would certainly look different if there was a female around…. They all look great and with Indie and Yuma, you can still see the little bears in their faces and chubby bodies.
    Mervi, your captions are, as so often, the icing on the cake for this report!
    I especially liked the interactions between the bears, the scenes where they played, for example with the buckets, and the sleepy and cuddly Yuma.
    Thank you so much!


  4. Dear Sheila
    dear Philipp,

    I am totally thrilled by these wonderful photos with the seven Golden Boys, as Mervi calls them. It is just great how well the boys get along, play with each other, sometimes also fight with each other but always peacefully deal with each other.

    Also your comments, dear Mervi, give the photos a very special charm!

    Thank you very much and best wishes to all of you!

  5. Dear Sheila, Philip and Mervi!
    Thank you for the wonderful pictures and a story.
    Indie and Yuma have grown very fast. They are as big as Luka.

  6. Thank you very much dear Mervi, Sheila and Philip.
    Best wishes to Nobby, Hamish, Sisu, Luka, Indie and Yuma.

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