International Polar Bear Day 2023

27.2.2023 – Source: Polar Bear International

High on a mountain slope in Svalbard, Norway, a polar bear mom cuddles with her cubs in the shelter of their snow den. Outside, Arctic winds sweep across the frigid landscape but, inside, the family stays cozy and warm.

Photo by Steven Amstrup

Photo by Meril Darees

We created International Polar Bear Day, February 27, to coincide with the denning period. Every year on this day, we celebrate moms and cubs and draw attention to the need to protect polar bear families across the Arctic.

Photo by Daniel J. Cox

Top Mom and Cub Facts – By Alysa McCall, Staff Scientist

Photo by Shannon Curtis

As I write this, my own little cub tears around the house, demanding water and snacks and attention. She’s up and down and up and down and up … I am tired but at the same time can recognize how privileged I am. My daughter has an excellent chance of surviving to adulthood, and I’m fortunate to have all the conveniences of modern life at my fingertips to help me raise her—from grocery stores and indoor heating to FaceTiming with Nana. I can offer books or toys, keep our home safe, and turn on Baby Shark to distract for a desperately needed minute. Plus, so much coffee.

Photo by Meril Darees

Polar bear moms have no such support. Not even close.

Photo by Dick and Val Beck

Photo by Kt Miller

All moms work hard, but polar bears are undoubtedly some of the hardest working single moms.

Here are some key facts about polar bear families


    • Mervi I was not able to comment before but this article really explains how hard Polar Bear mothers work.

  1. Dear Mervi!
    I wish all polar bear mothers and their cubs all the best.
    Thank you for the wonderful pictures.

  2. Dear Steven and dear Mervi!
    These are beautiful photos of a polar bear mother with her cute little ones from the Arctic, which delight and touch the heart and at the same time make us sad, because things are not good for our blue planet, especially for their habitat, and we may not be able to see such pictures for much longer. But perhaps sensible and forward-looking decisions will be made that will avert the worst.
    We can and should all contribute to this.


  3. Thank you very much dear Mervi.
    Happy International Polar Bear Day to everyone.
    Best wishes to all polar bear mums and their cubs.

  4. Dear Mervi,

    I have the same thoughts as Anke when looking at these magnificent and touching photos. One wants to enjoy the photos so much and yet is saddened at the thought the future of these wonderful animals.
    But polar bears are pragmatists, maybe they still have enough time to learn other eating habits to not only depend on seal hunting.

    Thanks for the fantastic photos from the many dedicated photographers!


  5. Thank you Mervi,
    Beautiful photo’s from all the photographers to mark the occasion of International Polar Bear Day!
    Pat 🐻‍❄️

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