Sisu’s Advent greetings to his big brother Ranzo

30.11.2023 by Sisu (with a little help from Mervi)

This story was first published in 30.11.2018.

Terve velipoika! Hello big brother! Mama and I thought you would be delighted to hear from us so I’ve made a little advent letter to you.

Do you remember this sight? Doesn’t our park look beautiful this time of the year?


There are lots of Christmas lights but we also have the special lights in the sky! What a magnificent sight it is!


Mama and I are, of course, thinking of you and hope you and Nora will have lots of snow and ice this Winter. Here the snow came quite late but we hope it will stay!


I love to lie in the snow doing nothing! I think this kind of ‘exercises’ would do good even to our two legged friends! They’re always making so much fuss about Advent and Christmas …. they really should roll in the snow every day. I’m sure they would feel more relaxed then!


As you can see I have a king size Christmas ball, too!


I have already met Santa when he and his reindeers were rehearsing before the Christmas. Santa wants everything run smoothly when it’s time to visit children all over the world.

He also promised me to visit all polar bears living in the wild. Santa sure is a jolly good fellow!


I’ve seen photos of you and Nora looking so happy together. I have a dream of being together with a girl bear, too. I don’t want to tell you who she is but her name begins with the letter ‘Q’ ….. It would be so nice to decorate a Christmas tree together with her.


I have a small friend helping me light the candles.


Now I’m counting days – and nights! – to Christmas Eve. Oh bear, I don’t think I have enough claws. Oh well, mama can help me. She’s a very wise lady knows everything!!


Happy Advent time to you and your sweet Nora! I made this card for you and I must say you both look wonderful in the snow!


Now I’m going to dream my secret dream again!


This letter is adressed to you but I will take this opportunity to wish all the readers of Knuti’s Weekly, too, a very happy Advent time!

Your little brother Sisu


  1. Dear Mervi
    A nice story with beautiful collages,
    worth to publish it a second time! 🙂

    Tatsächlich geht morgen das erste
    Türchen auf: schon Dezember, mein
    Gott, eben war doch gerade noch
    Sommer – wie die Zeit rast… 😉

  2. Dear Mervi,

    Thank you very much for the lovely Advent letter with the pictures of SISU from his “Kindergarten” in Ranua!

    It’s nice to read such beautiful stories two or three times.

    I think SISU is doing well in Doncaster even without all the snow and that’s the main thing!

    Best wishes to Malmö

  3. Dear Mervi!
    Thank you for this lovely story with the wonderful collages.
    Ranzo and Sisu are adult bears now.

  4. Dear Mervi!
    Thank you for the beautiful and atmospheric collages and the stories! You can look at them and read them again and again. It’s very touching to see now large and magnificent polar bears as little bears again.

    Your contribution also reminds us of beautiful Nora and it hurts to think that she died just over a year ago. Unfortunately, we only have wonderful memories of her – and her and Ranzo’s daughter Finja, who now lives in Nuremberg.


  5. Terve! dear SISU . . . How kind of you you did not only think of your brother’s birthday but even wrote a whole letter to him.
    Thanks to you, your brother RANZO and your all times good helper/helpress Mervi!

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