Nostalgie – A cool Fall with Fiete & his friends

9.9.2023 by Fiete with a little help from Mervi

This story was first published on the 2nd of September 2016.

Fiete knows I love the Fall so he sent me some news from the young polar bears’ world. Oh bear, our friends certainly are busy these days …. but now I let Fiete tell you all about it in his own words!


Dear friends! It’s September and the Bear Academy has opened the doors again for both old and new students. Hope, Charlotte, Lale and myself are senior students and we also ‘work’ as mentors to our younger friends.

Mind you, we only wore the stupid uniforms for this official photo! Otherwise we just let our furs shine!

We are very happy to travel with this nice train to the Academy.


The first lesson was apple pinching. Juno and Lili tried to shake the tree in order to make the apples fall but they were not very succesful. Luckily Hope had brought a portable ladder with her ….

The small bears were worried about the permission to pick apples from the tree but Hope could calm them down. She told them permissions are not any issues for polar bears. In every garden the two legged creatures are more than happy to leave the entire garden to the white giants! Nobody has ever tried to chase them away ….. and may I add the same thing happens everywhere! The two legged creatures in the buses, the trains, the restaurants always offer their places for us. The humans are very funny but quite nice!


– Why are the apples so important? Juno asked.

– We will give them to the teachers! We will show our appreciation – and maybe we also hope the apples will make the teacher have a ‘friendly attitude’ and look away if there are some ‘mishaps’ 🙂 …. The humans usually give money to bribe somebody but who can eat money??? Again a good example why we polar bears are superior to the human race!


Uncle Sergej is the beloved head master of the Bear Academy although he only works there part time. As you may know he also works as a bar tender in the Knuipe.

After welcoming the students Uncle Sergej presented a couple of school books.

‘Stay chilly – be cool’ is an excellent guide to young polar bears and prepares them well for the adult life.


Herr Dr Rasputin is Uncle Sergej’s nephew and also an eminent writer of school books. His bestselling book is this one:


All the young bears received these books and I’m sure they’ll love to read them and learn lots of polar bear things.

Then the head master had a surprise for the students. He had arranged for a trip to a nearby forest where the bears could explore the nature! Needless to say everybody was excited.

Noria was a bit afraid of the handsome deers but I assured her these animals are our friends. If we let them alone they leave us alone! Again something even the humans should learn!!


Lili was happy to find this big eyed birdie. They had bundles of fun together and agreed to play together even in the future.


Lili is a very curious kind of girl and I had to keep an eye on her and warned her of poisonous plants and mushrooms. This red thing looks so nice but it’s called the ‘fly agaric’ and we must never eat it!!! I hope Lili will remember this!


Luckily Nora and Lili found two baskets filled with eatable mushrooms and yammy lingon berries. Well, they didn’t actually find them …. They were left behind by two women who suddenly were in a great hurry. I wonder why!!


After a day in the forest Charlotte gave a swimming and diving lesson in the academy’s pool. She even demonstrated what a bear can do with a piece of cardboard.


In the evening everybody was tired. Uncle Sergej allowed himself to have a night cap and a cigar before going to bed. Our dear Uncle really deserved this!


Welcome Fall!



  1. Schade, dass unsere Verbindung nach Sosto abgerissen ist. Man würde gerne mal wieder etwas von Herrn Larsson hören und sehen. Eine schöne Geschichte aus den “alten” Zeiten.

  2. Dear Mervi!
    Thank you for republishing this beautiful and atmospheric story with the great collages. It is clear that you love autumn and that it inspires you creatively.
    The Bear Academy in Autumn is certainly helpful for young inexperienced bears and takes a lot of work off their mothers. The collages are so inspiring, they somehow make me want to go mushroom picking….
    I hope Fiete is doing well!


  3. Dear Mervi

    What an enchanting story 😍

    The Bear Academy really only teaches important things.
    Chilling is the more interesting course anyway.
    I find excursions into nature just as important.

    The collages are very beautiful and just wonderful to look at.


  4. Nicht nur Braunbären, auch Eisbären lieben Obst von allen Sorten, wie wir aus vielen Zooberichten wissen.
    Die herbsttliche Akademie von Fiete mit seinen Kumpanen war also sehr erfolgreich und nahrhaft.

    Nur Uncle Sergej liebt Obst mehr in destillierter Form!

  5. Dear Mervi, how wonderful to “re-read” this story. I must confess that I had forgotten it and for some names, I even had to think. But then, it all came back. Our Uncle Sergej is simply unique. But that is no surprise, knowing that he is the father of so many kids, he is the best placed person for teaching the youngsters (of course, under the watchful eye of his beloved Ninotschka).

  6. Liebe Mervi, vielen Dank für diese wunderschöne Herbst-Collage mit all den bekannten Eisbärchen von einst…🍁🍂🐻‍❄️🍂🍁
    Ja, da stimme ich Chris zu, es ist sehr schade, dass der Zoo Sóstó keine Fotos mehr von Fiete und Snezana veröffentlicht. Ich habe schon mehrfach angefragt und nur einmal die Antwort bekommen, es ginge ihm sehr gut…
    Euch allen ein schönes Wochenende mit lieben Grüßen von, Mir…🤗🌞🌻

  7. Dear Mervi!
    Thank you for this funny autumn story.
    I am sorry that we have no information about Fiete.

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