Baby Boom in Yorkshire

xx.2.2024 – Photos by Pat Waldron

There’s a real baby boom going on in the Yorkshire Wildlife Park. Sweet babies have been born and new babies are coming soon.

One of the highlights this year was the birth of the very rare black rhino. The sweetie is already outing with the mama so if the visitors have a good timing they can admire the cute calf.


Even the Amur leopard girl Auckley’s birth was a great success for this park. She’s already big enough to spend a lot of time outdoors with her mama Kristen.




This is his Royal Spottiness King Drake – the father of Auckley.


He looks proud as a peacock. 🙂


Auckley is an excellent climber already. How agile she looks!



A good place for observing the surroundings.


Kristen making some body care.


Like a good mother Kristen makes sure her baby girl is clean even behind ears! 🙂



Auckley wanted to examine mama’s tail very thoroughly. Kristen doesn’t look too amused. 🙂


The bush dog Belle is ‘in circumstances’ and hopefully the visitors can soon meet sweet babies.


Maybe Belle was checking that the nursery is OK.


Belle seems to be satisfied with her baby room.

Bush Dogs….Belle & Gaston (the not so pregnant thin one!)

Oh yeah, now I just have to wait ….


Papa Gaston


Knuti’s Weekly and it’s readers wish Belle all the best … and, naturally, the same to Gaston as well.


  1. Dear Pat and Merci

    It is still too cold and wet for me to visit the lovely YWP animals but this report helps me see the new arrivals. Thank you.

  2. The young animals in the YWP are a great.
    I like the little plump bush dog Belli, an unknown species to me.

    Pat, many thanks and best wishes

  3. Dear Pat and Mervi!
    Thanks for more great animal portraits from Yorkshire!
    The leopards Auckley and Kristen are particularly beautiful representatives of their species. Auckley has grown quite a bit from an adorable kitten to a very pretty young lady.
    The bushdogs are droll and compact little fellows and the YWP is certainly very proud of their offspring.
    And the little black rhino is certainly a special reason to be happy.
    It must be great to be able to observe all these adorable inhabitants of the YWP.
    Thanks for showing us!


  4. Dear Pat and Mervi

    Only the last photo of future dad Gaston makes me realize that Belle will have her offspring soon. By the way, I haven’t seen a female bush dog yet. If mom and dad look so nice, what will the offspring look like?
    I can understand why Drake is as proud as a peacock. His daughter Auckley looks really enchanting.
    The little rhino kid is adorable!

    Thank you for this really enchanting baby report.

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