Frimas’ and Wilbär’s baby boy’s name is Otis

20.2.2025 – Photos by Hans Muskens

Information from the Dierenrijk Nuenen:

By now we know the gender of the young polar bear. It’s a male!

We now see that the little one, together with his mother, is increasingly walking to the separate indoor enclosure, which is next to the nursery. This is a sign that he is almost ready to go outside!

Are you looking forward to your first meeting? (Mervi’s note: Oh yes, if I only could …)


Indoors and outdoors in Nuenen

Even the animals in the Dierenrijk Nuenen have been able to enjoy some real Winter days with snow.

The lynx clan took walks in the white stuff.



Staying close to each other keep the sweet cats warm.


The lions are using the same method.


This baby feels warm and secure between mama’s paws.


I love the colours in this beautiful photo! It takes me to the world of fairy tales.


The magpie has found a new friend. 🙂


Hmm, maybe I should be hibernating … but then I would fail to see the snow flakes!


OK, we are a having a ‘hibernation light’ season!


Some animals prefered to stay indoors.


It’s great to have a roof over our head so we can focus on discussing interesting topics.


The rhino looks very relaxed and happy.


It would be interesting to know if Wilbär has any idea of him being a father again ….


I guess we are all eagerly waiting when Frimas decides to present her baby bear to the visitors. Wilbär takes things calmly. 🙂 According to the zoo Frimas and her baby bear are both doing fine!


The cheetah family are curiously watching the visitors. Sometimes it’s not so easy to see who’s watching who in a zoo…. 🙂


Wilbär sends you all his best February greetings. Bye bye for now!



  1. Dear Mervi!
    Thank you for the good news about Frima and her baby.
    Wilbär looks relaxed.
    The lynx clan is beautiful.

  2. Dear Hans and dear Mervi!
    The pictures show that this was a very pleasant visit to the zoo with lots of wonderful animals. The photos are great and I liked them all, but especially the cheetahs, the lynxes, the mother chimpanzee with her cute baby, the guinea pigs(?), the magpie on the piglet – actually all of them… I’m also pleased to see Narayani the armoured rhino, who seems to be a bit tired.
    The name Otis for the cute little newcomer is fortunately not one of the usual names for a polar bear and we’ll certainly get used to it quickly.
    Many thanks for showing us!


  3. Das wüsste ich auch gerne, ob Wilbär “weiß”, dass er wieder Vater geworden ist…🐻‍❄️🤔 Er wirkt sehr entspannt…
    Otis ist ein etwas ungewöhnlicher Name für einen Eisbär, aber Hauptsache, es geht ihm gut in der Obhut von Mama Frimas…🐻‍❄️🐻‍❄️😊

  4. Otis ist nicht typisch eisbärisch, aber immer noch besser als alle Nanook-Variationen.
    Vielen Dank für die tollen Fotos

  5. Dear Hans and dear Mervi

    Thank you for the wonderful update.

    Frimas, like all polar bear mums, is a very good mum. Otis is a very different name for a polar bear cub.
    Wilbär doesn’t care at all about Frimas and Otis. He looks relaxed and good.
    The cheetah and lynx families are wonderful.
    There is an original picture of the magpie and her friend.
    The chimpanzee baby is cute!

    Thank you for this nice report and all the adorable pictures.

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