Sisu’s blue hour

24.2.2024 – Photos by Pat Waldron

Terve! Hello! It’s me – your Sisu writing again. This time I want to show you some special photos taken by Pat during the blue hour here in the Yorkshire Wildlife Park.


I love this time of the day when our Lake Polar Bear looks so beautiful. We even had some frost on the ground which means we had a chilly weather. Perfect!


Can you see what I see?


The rangers (keepers) had left a toy thing for me. However, it’s difficult to focus on playing when the nature looks so nice.


Of course, I must examine the toy ….


I think I will break it later!


Now it’s getting darker …


… and darker.


I guess I just have to leave the toy now.


It’s time for me to retire to my den. I’m sure I’m going to have beautiful dreams tonight!


Dear Pat! Thank you for these fantastic photos of Sisu!


  1. Dear Pat and Mervi
    Thank you for this lovely visit to Sisu.
    Pat, you should look at the articles here from 2017 when Sisu was a little cub.

  2. Dear Pat !

    Being with the animals at the blue hour is something very special.
    Life at the zoo is getting quieter and the day is drawing to a close.
    I wonder what will happen when the zoo closes its doors. Is it just like with us humans? We eat dinner, read or watch TV before we go to bed.
    I almost think the animals give up the television and/or the book.
    The animals will probably go straight to bed after eating. Sisu could take his canister with him and then play himself to sleep with it.

    Thank you for this enchanting report with Sisu an his canister!

  3. Dear Pat and Mervi!
    Thank you so much for the beautiful Sisu pictures!
    That was really great light in which you presented the handsome Finn to us. As Sisu was always seen in the shade, the blue of the water and the surroundings looked particularly intense and one could really think that the blue hour had already dawned. The bright sunshine in the last photos, in which Sisu is shown to its best advantage, speaks a little against this.


  4. Dear Pat,

    There is always something magical about the blue hour with its special atmosphere. You have documented this beautifully in your photos, of course also to our delight!
    I think that animals also perceive and enjoy this time of day as a pleasant transition to bedtime,

    Thank you very much and best wishes!

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