Pat Waldron's reports

Sisu’s blue hour

24.2.2024 – Photos by Pat Waldron Terve! Hello! It’s me – your Sisu writing again. This time I want to show you some special photos taken by Pat during the blue hour here in the […]

Ludmila's column

Gran Canaria in Februar 2024

Unsere Tochter hat am 11.2.2024 auf Gran Canaria geheiratet. Wir haben dort eine schöne Woche verbracht. Das Wetter war super. Das Hotel lag in den Bergen und wir hatten einen schönen Blick auf Roque Nublo. […]

Anita's column

Es liegt etwas in der Luft

19.2.2024 von/by Anita Ein ganz besonderer Duft, aber bevor die drei Mädels in die Tundra Anlage zum Frühstücken rüber dürfen, heißt es Warten. Das fällt allen dreien Bärinnen nicht leicht und so muss jede von […]

Michelle Rippey

Berit is doing great!

18.2.2024 by Michelle Rippey Beautiful Berit was my main reason for this visit. It’s safe to say she answered the question on my mind (and some of yours) …. she’s doing great! Bo has arrived […]

Pat Waldron's reports

Baby Boom in Yorkshire

xx.2.2024 – Photos by Pat Waldron There’s a real baby boom going on in the Yorkshire Wildlife Park. Sweet babies have been born and new babies are coming soon. One of the highlights this year […]

Michelle Rippey

Farewell to Bo

11.2.2024 by Michelle Rippey Paws UP!  I had PURRfect timing on my visit to Henry Vilas Zoo to see, Berit & Bo. It’s been announced  that Bo would be leaving in February for his new […]

Polar bears in Rostock

A Winter day in Rostock

9.2.2024 – Photos by Gisela Hentschel When I’m writing this there’s still snow on the ground in the Rostock Zoo so the polar bears could enjoy the right kind of weather. I’m glad, too, because […]