Diverse reports from zoos

Berliner Luft in April

20.4.2024 – Photos by Dumba Dumba visited the Berlin Zoo on the 11th of April and found a very green zoo with lots of beautiful plants and flowers in full bloom. Of course, she met […]

Sheila and Philip

Birds and Bears in Yorkshire

17.4.2024 – Photos by Sheila and Philip Baker We start this photo presentation with some morning gymnastics with Hamish. The big boy is very agile thanks to the exercises. Does the bird think he’s my […]

Polar bears in Rostock

A March day in Rostock

16.4.2024 by Gisela Hentschel Skadi and Kaja Kaja beim Spiel mit etwas, das ursprünglich ein blauer Kanister gewesen ist. Skadi and Sizzel It is always fun to watch the bears supervising the work of the […]

Christmas, Easter and Special Days

Happy birthday, Lady Fatou!

13.4.2024 – Photos by Dumba Today is a very special day. One of the oldest gorillas in the world – lady Fatou celebrates her 67th birthday. Dumba visited her on the 11th of April and […]

Michelle Rippey

Shake it, Berit!

11.4.2024 by Michelle Rippey On the 12th of March Michelle visited the Henry Vilas Zoo and met 🐻‍❄️, Berit. I’m in awe of the firsts I’m capturing with this beautiful girl. Another Berit first…..playing in […]

Diverse reports from zoos

Ein Tag im Bärenwald Müritz

10.4.2024 von Gisela Hentschel Das Wetter war sehr bescheiden. Es war kalt und regnerisch, zumindest am Vormittag. Das hatte aber auch sein Gutes, denn die Besucher kamen etwas später und so war es morgens herrlich […]

Memories of Knut

Een kleenet Kind in 2008

5.4.2024 – Photos by Gudrun This time I thought you would like to see some photos taken by Gudrun in 2008 when Knut was still ‘een kleenet Kind’. This article was first published in November […]

Ludmila's column

Zoo Wuppertal am 30.3.2024

Wir haben den Zoo Wuppertal lange nicht besucht. Inzwischen wurde das Aralandia fertig gebaut. Dort leben Flamingos, Hyazinth-Aras und Sonnensittiche. Uns hat das Aralandia sehr gut gefallen. We haven’t visited Wuppertal Zoo for a long […]