Pat Waldron's reports

A whirlwind called Tala

24.3.2023 – Photos by Pat Waldron It’s not easy to take photos of a still sitting Tala but Pat had a perfect timing when she visited the Yorkshire Wildlife Park. The young girl is as […]

Ludmila's column

Tierpark Hagenbeck am 19.03.2023/I

Bei unserem Besuch im Hagenbeck haben wir einen schönen warmen Tag erwischt. Die Tiere haben sich über die Wärme auch gefreut. Die Elefanten waren alle draußen. On our visit at Hagenbeck, we caught a nice […]

Memories of Knut

Year TwothousandandKnut

19.3.2023 by Mervi I wrote this for Knuti’s first birthday and I thought it would be suitable for publishing on this sad day when our fairy tale turned into a tragedy twelve years ago. Maybe […]

Polar bears in Rostock

Sizzel, Skadi and Kaja rule!

18.3.2023 – Photos by Gisela Hentschel When Gisela visited the polar bears in the Rostock Zoo Sizzel, Skadi and Kaja seemed to be very happy about the visitors. I’m sure the visitors were as happy. […]

Sheila and Philip

Golden Guys in Yorkshire

16.3.2023 – Photos by Sheila and Philip Baker I guess you all remember the Golden Girls in Berlin. Now we have six Golden Guys in the Yorkshire Wildlife Park! This time the stars in the […]

Monika aus Berlin

Berlin in Februar 2023

13.3.2023 – Quelle: Freunde Hauptstadtzoos, Photos and Videos: Monika aus Berlin Weitere Poitou-Esel-„Dame“ aus Belgien im Tierpark Berlin eingetroffen Bei den Poitou-Eseln im Tierpark Berlin gibt es einen Neuzugang. „Griselda“, eine 6-jährige Stute aus Belgien, […]

Diverse reports from zoos

Toledo Zoo – Cuteness overload!

10.3.2023 – Source: The Toledo Zoo The two bundles of joy were born December 1 to 24-year-old mother Crystal and 18-year-old father Nuka. This is the first time polar bears have been born at the […]

Sheila and Philip

Flocke – the power lady

8.3.2023 – Photos by Sheila and Philip Baker International Women’s Day (March 8) is a global day celebrating the social, economic, cultural, and political achievements of women. In this magazine we will dedicate this day […]